Why Choose Us

Fondest childhood memories can derive from grandfathers, fathers, or any guardian that takes the time to explore the outdoors and makes watching or hunting wildlife an adventure for their offspring. Just one moment can spark an interest in the soul of a child, which takes them on an epic journey into the wild, in search of their souvenir. Everyone has a different idea of what the outdoors has to offer. Some, just looking for the “Big One”, who will bring them glory and bragging rights among their peers. While others, look out for that one moment, a memory that will stand out through many decades and generations to come.

We as Nutec, come from a time capsule of individuals who prided themselves on being with their family and getting their loved ones outdoors through hunting and managing wildlife. For many generations, we did everything outdoors. Our fathers and grandfathers taught us that being in the wild was not just about the hunt or the kill, but was the substance for the spark of creativity and adventure in children that would last a lifetime, and make an outstanding impact on the world around them. From building forts, to killing prey, our company as a whole knows what it’s like to grow up around the outdoors, and have our childhoods filled with laughter and adventure. This is the very basis that our company surrounds itself with. To this day we like to channel our inner explorer, and go out with the desire to not only obtain our souvenir, but have fun doing it. It is this reason we have chosen to focus our attention on managing wildlife and bringing our peers the same quality of hunt that we have experienced for over twenty-five years.

In 2013 we started NU-TEC OUTDOOR INNOVATIONS LLC. Decades of trial and error, as well as a little patience, taught us what it takes to be successful in this now competitive world of hunting. Through some high quality products, and a little engineering, we, the people of nutec, have mastered what it takes to get “The One” in the bed of our trucks and on the walls of our homes, all the while, creating lasting memories and awesome stories. Whether you are a seasoned hunter, or an upcoming generation of leaders, we can help increase the quality and experience that you have outdoors. No matter if your trophy has a massive rack or no antlers at all, let us take your hunt to a whole NU level!