Spring Perennial Seed Mix

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  • Easy to grow
  • Cost effective; lasts 3-5 years with adequate weed control
  • Tolerant of cold weather
  • Ample amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are sure to grow the desired mass in any deer
  • Attractants include: Red Crimson Clover, Spring Oats, and Orchard Grass


  • Our Nu-Blend spring perennial seed mix is a premium blend that is easy to grow, cost effective, and very nutritious for your wildlife! Plant this mix after the last frost, provide adequate weed control, recommended with using our Liquid Foliar Fertilizer, and this seed mix will sprout wonderfully! It will last 3-5 years and is very tolerant of cold weather. The mix of red crimson clover, spring oats, and orchard grass provides deer with ample amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are sure to grow your desired mass in any deer! One 5lb bag will plant up to 1/2 acre lot depending on your desired density. This is for sure a new blend of ingredients that are essential for attracting deer, growing bigger racks, and maintaining a healthier herd.

1 review for Spring Perennial Seed Mix

  1. Hunter

    Compared to some of the big name seed companies I have used. This seed blend will give you more BANG for your buck! Great stuff Nutec! Thanks again for a great product.

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