Predator meet Prey Adjustable Deer Grunt Call


Fully adjustable deer grunt call.

Rugged weather-proof construction.



  1. Predators are you ready to meet your prey?? You will once you get your paws on our new skull crackers edition grunt call. This fully adjustable call can mock fawn bleats, doe in heat bleats, young bucks, and dominate buck grunts. It has a rugged weather-proof construction as well, so it can take a beating while you are savagely hunting your game.

CAUTION: When using this game call, intense amount of deer population may arise, causing an overwhelming feeling throughout your body, along with a pulsating sensation in your bloodstream. This should pass. If not, hit up a buddy and get to shooting. Once the smoke clears you will feel like a whole new person, just with a few extra racks on your wall. Let’s get to hunting! Bring on the bucks!


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