Mineral Drip Sack

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Simple. Fast. Easy.

Step 1. Load the sack with mineral attractant.

Step 2. Hang the drip sack around tree limbs, poles etc. by using the attached drawstrings.

Step 3. Sit back and relax. Keep the trail camera up to see the added wildlife population around your plot!



  1. Tired of fighting off unwanted animals around your plots? Need a mineral site with added height for your game? Well here’s the answer to your request! Meet the newest addition to our hunting family- Skull Crackers Edition Mineral Drip Sack. Now you can limit which animals you allow to eat your mineral, while keeping the same quality you are accustomed to at your site! Just add mineral to your sack, hang up, and go. That simple. As moisture in the airs impacts the sack, the mineral will drip from it, in even intervals, leaving behind a great snacking place for your deer population. Worried about hogs? Worry no more! This sack is perfect for keeping hogs from overwhelmingly eating up your mineral sites!

For best results, establish a mineral spot on the ground with the drip sack above. As rain runs through the sack, your mineral will drip down onto your site, evenly depositing the attractant for intense wildlife population!

1 review for Mineral Drip Sack

  1. Jerry Mills

    best way to keep that mineral out of the water in low areas , we use these in Florida and Georgia where the hogs are and it solves that problem and the deer use it good also , good product !!

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