HoneyBee Garden Seeds for NU-Pollination

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HoneyBee Garden Seeds for Nu-Pollination

Promotes pollination for ample honey supply.

Coated with DeltAg Seed Coat to enhance emergence and stand establishment when planting.

Blend of Crimson Clover, Big Bee Berseem Clover, and Buckwheat Seeds.

2lb bag will cover 800 to 1000 square feet




They not only make honey with essential vitamins and minerals for the health of our bodies, but also assist in the pollination of our crops!

 The benefits of bees is unsurpassed. Vital for the environment, bees not only make honey, but are also the key ingredient in cross pollination. This process of pollinating one flower with pollen produced from another flower, lays the foundation for crop vegetation and reproduction of new plant seed. This valuable cycle, gives the bees the energy to make honey, while supplying us with the sole factors to live physically and environmentally healthy. To maximize bee population, we’ve added a mixture of bright and fragrant perennial and annual wildflower seeds, that not only attract honeybees to your garden/ crop site, but provide them with the essential ingredients to cross pollinate with plants, veggies, and fruits.  

2lbs will cover 800 to 1000 square feet


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Weight 2 lbs

1 review for HoneyBee Garden Seeds for NU-Pollination

  1. Jerry Mills

    tried this seed blend in my mother-in-laws garden beautiful patch and it really draws the honey bees, mother-in-law loves this product, she said we all need to help the honey bees because they help us with pollination and much more !!!

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