You know the feeling – predator versus prey; heart beating as fast as the speed of your newly triggered bullet racing to meet your quest.

A shaky and unnerving sensation overwhelms you, as you anticipate your ammunition’s arrival to your game. Then they meet, metal to skin, and with one fatal swipe, your hunt is complete. The prey you were savagely hunting, drops from its core, leaving only its rack visible to the raw eye. You know you got em’ the “Big One”. A trophy your wall will be proud to uphold. The ultimate whitetail of the season. You went out seeking “the hunt”, and came back with a deadly reality. Now imagine more satisfying hunts like these every deer season.

Nutec Outdoors makes this possible. From our superior seed blends and enticing minerals, to our high caliber fertilizer, we know how to enhance your food plots, so drawing in deer and managing “monsters” is more achievable then ever. Our products make it possible to grow healthy, nutritional plots that are guaranteed to enhance the quality of your game as well as their overall physical appearance. Just ask top deer biologist Dr. James Kroll who states, “the number one key to producing quality whitetail is nutrition… you have to manage deer to harvest the right deer”. Quality deer management is one of the most common terms amongst avid hunters. Balance out the nutritional needs and therefore obtain healthier bodies, bigger antlers, as well as an ample doe and fawn crop. The right seed blends, minerals, and fertilizer ensures you, as the hunter, better “trophies” and gives you an edge amongst the many overly eager deer hunters today.

So why wait? Get everything you need right here, for growing the healthiest, sweetest, and highest yielding food plots possible.

Only you can determine the outcome of predator verses prey, metal verses monster, and the big one verses the average run of the mill buck. What’s your plot? Start planning now. Learn more by checking out our Products page. Let us make your outdoor dreams a NU reality today!